The Complete Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Sport Arbitrage

The aim of this guide is to introduce you to the world of Arbitrage Betting. If you have tried sports gambling you know how hard it is to make money consistently. There are however three strategies you can apply to make money online through sports betting. One of this strategy is arbitrage betting, it is a risk-free type of gambling. This is because you bet on all sides of the bet. The results hence do not matter. I know you are confused, but hold on for just a second.

Here is an example. The match is Barcelona vs Real Madrid. The odds are as follows: A win for Barcelona at 3.1, a draw at 3.1 and a win for Real Madrid at 3.1. If you place a bet of 100 dollars on each of the three outcomes, you will make 10 dollars irrespective of the outcome. Easy risk-free money. Or is it? Well, below I have compiled a complete sports arbitrage guide. The arbitrage guide is intended to reduce your learning period. You do not have to burn thousands of dollars experimenting. All you have to do is to follow this tried and tested ways.
The Basic Tools You Need To Start Arbitrage Betting
This section is an emphasis on what you already know. Of course, you need a personal computer. A laptop, a desktop, or even a smartphone will work just fine. Just make sure it has the medium specifications and supports an internet connection.

On top of that, an internet connection is going to be crucial. You should be able to place bets on bookmaker websites fast. This is because arbitrage opportunities do not exist for a long time. Speeds of above 256 kbps should be enough.
You have to spend money to make money. The money that will make money, in this case, is the Betting Capital. The more the capital you have the higher the potential of making money. If you do not have money. Worry not, I have a neat little trick that will increase your capital drastically. The trick aside, you will need between $2,500 and $10,000 to earn a significant income. However, for learning purposes, even $200 can get you up and running.
The final requirement is not really a requirement. It is just a piece of advice from experience. Over the years I have realized using a smartphone offers the most opportunities. This is because you are able to place a bet anytime on the move.

Managing Your Funds when Arbing

An E-Wallet

Money management in sports arbitrage is not so much about risk. It is all about ensuring funds are distributed across the different bookies efficiently. Efficiency here means the transactional fee is maintained at a minimum. The easiest way to do this is to use an E-wallet. Of the many E-wallets, two stand out.
1. Netters
2. Skrill

This is because they allow you to withdraw and deposit funds from a bookie easily. Where funds have accumulated, you need to withdraw. Where funds are running low, you have to deposit. In sports arbitrage, you are allowed to bet as much as you want on a single arb. After all the risk is minimal. It is, however, a wise decision to bet a specific percentage of your bankroll on one game. This is just in case an arb with higher returns is identify. 10% of your bankroll on each match is good enough. Money management is that simple. You do not need the willpower of an elephant.

What Bookmakers Should I use?

One of the key challenges in sports arbitrage is account limitation by bookmakers. Bookmakers that do not limit the accounts are what arb hunters love. These bookies are majorly exchanges. The biggest of them all is Betfair. Betfair encourages individuals to take part in arbitrage betting. This is because arbitrage betting does not affect their income in any way.

It is not just exchanges, you can open a bookmaker account with any of the online bookmakers. All you have to do is to take precautions to ensure your account is not limited. Some of the main online bookies include Pinnacle sports, Bet 365, Intertops, Bet-at-home, and William Hill. Just to mention but a few.

Let’s Find the Arbs

There are two ways to find arbs, the hard way, and the easy way. The hard way is finding them all by yourself physically. It is a rather cumbersome and time-consuming way of doing it. The easy way and how you should do it is by using arb finding software. It will save you lots of time and frankly it is the more economical route. Two arb finding software stand out:
1. Rebel Betting (The best arb finding software.)

Rebel Betting Catch Phrase
2. Odd Storm

Odd Storm Logo

They are both centered towards ensuring arbitrage betting is as easy as making a few clicks here and there. Further details on the two software are available on a subsequent page.

The Journey towards Professional Arbitrage Trading

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It is, therefore, a wise thing to start with small stakes. This will ensure you learn without having to take the risk that comes with inexperience. After doing this for a few weeks you should be ready for the real thing.

If you are using arbitrage services learning involves very little. It is mainly familiarizing yourself with how bets are placed on different bookies. This is mainly because the arbing software does everything for you.
1. It finds the arbs for you.
2. It opens the different bookmaker sites for you.
3. It calculates the stakes for the different bets.

All you have to do is to click place bet. Easy!!

Beginner Mistakes

You remember that initially in this paper we declared that arbitrage betting was risk-free. Well, there is a twist to it. It is not absolutely free from risk. This is especially the case if you are a beginner. Below is a list of the common risks you will experience.

1. Disappearance of Arbitrage opportunities

Arbitrage opportunities do not exist forever. This is mainly because of arb seekers like you and me. Once a certain number of people bet on an arb the bookies adjust the odds. This is intended to hedge the bookie’s book from unnecessary risk. If you are not able to place the bets fast enough you will end up placing bets on non-existent arbitrage opportunities. With experience and practice, your speed should be good enough. Missing out on an opportunity will only be minimal.

2. Detection

The other challenge has to do with limitation by bookmakers. Most bookmakers are not exactly big fans of Arbitrage bettors. They, therefore, have mechanisms of detecting arbers and limiting their accounts. When your account is limited you are only allowed to bet on a small amount per bet. This makes arbitrage betting uneconomical. There is no exact way of avoiding detection forever. You can, however, increase the time it takes for your account to be limited. Once limited you will have to open an account with another bookie.

3. Bet Cancellation

Most bookies reserve the right to cancel a bet at any time. Depending on the circumstances one side of the arbitrage bet may be canceled. This makes the arbitrage bet a normal bet. Something you do not desire as an arbitrage bettor. Perhaps the highest cause of bet cancellation is betting on a palpable error. Palpable errors are when a bookmaker interchanges the odds of a bet or makes an obvious mistake when setting them. Bets should not be placed on such games.

4. Making mistakes as an Arber.

Man is to error. As an Arber, you are still subject to this universal human rule. Mistakes made include, not calculating the stakes correctly. Lack of funds to cover one side of the bet. All these mistakes are avoidable with more practice.

Arbitrage betting is a fantastic way to make a quick buck online. You can do it full time or as a part-time hustle. Either way, it has the potential to liberate you financially.