Low Season and High Season in Online Writing

The Peaks and Troughs of Online Writing

Everything is a Circle … Take the weather. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn occur every year in a cyclic pattern. Not convinced? In the world of business, there is the business cycle. After an economic boom, there will be a recession and then a boom Again. In the academic writing industry, the story is the same. … Read more

The A-Z of Buying an Academic Writing Account

Handshake After Buying Academic Writing Account

To Buy or to Open an Academic Writing Account If you are just starting out with academic writing, then the best approach is to open your own account. In this other article, I discuss exactly how to do that. Let’s face it. Opening an account takes a lot of patients. If you want to hit … Read more

Additional Sample Academic Writing Questions

In the book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell (the author) talks about the 10,000-hour rule. The promise behind the 10,000bhour rule is simple. You need to practice for 10,000 hours in order to be an expert at anything. Although numerous studies have proved that you don’t need 10,000 hours to be a pro; the basis of this … Read more

What is Online Academic Writing?

typing; typewriter: writing online

The definition of online writing is right there in the word. It is basically any form of writing intended for online use. This definition can also be extended to stand for any type of writing where a writer and customer (Individual who wants something written for him) communicate and transact online. Online writing is divided … Read more