OddStorm Review: The Fastest Arbitrage Betting Software in the Planet


OddStorm is all about speed.

In the arbitrage betting, world odds are moving fast:

Bookmakers are constantly adjusting their odds to reflect changes in the betting market.

Bookmakers are constantly adjusting their odds to balance their books.

Bookmakers are constantly adjusting their odds in response to breaking news on an upcoming/ ongoing event.

The rate at which odds change accelerates even further in live arbitrage betting.

The OddStorm arbitrage betting software is fast enough to keep up with all these rapid odd changes. The result is an astonishing number of live/ in-play arbitrage bets.

If you are a professional arbitrage bettor who is serious about live arbitrage betting, you have to have OddStorm.

The majority of arbitrage betting profits are in live arbitrage betting. If you want to make a truckload of money from Arbitrage betting, consider OddStorm.

OddStorm: Best Professional in-play Arbitrage Betting Software.

BetBurger: Best Overall Professional Arbitrage Betting Software.

RebelBetting: Best Professional Pre-match Arbitrage Betting Software.

OddStorm's Unique Selling Point

OddStorm Statistics in a Snapshot

Year Founded 2007 (14 years) The Oldest Arbitrage Betting Software.
Sports 1 Sports Only Soccer
Bookmakers55 Bookmakers + 17 clone (72 total) All the Major Bookmakers are supported
Arbs Refresh Rate (InPlay) 1 – 3 seconds The Fastest Arbitrage Betting Software, Period.
Arbs Refresh Rate (Prematch) 15secondsThe Fastest Arbitrage Betting Software, Period.


Professional arbitrage betting software does not come cheap. 

All three Professional Arbitrage Betting Software cost over € 100/ month.

BetBurger Pricing

Type of Arbitrage Bet 1 day7 days (1 week)30days (1 month)180 days (6 months)
Pre-match € 7€ 50 € 155€ 775
Live€ 9€ 63€ 195€ 975
Prematch + Live€ 14€ 95€ 295€ 1475

There is no explaining it away, OddStorm is the most expensive arbitrage betting software. To attain lightning speed refresh rates the OddStorm team had to use expensive servers.

The extra speed & the extra cost are worth it if you are a serious in-play arbitrage bettor.

There is a way to make OddStorm cheap:

Just like BetBurger, OddStorm has a one-day subscription. The best days to arb are Saturday and Sunday. If you subscribe to OddStorm on Saturdays and Sundays, it will cost you € 36/ month instead of € 195/ month.

Note: The BetBurger daily subscription gives you access to all the BetBurger Features. The OddStorm daily subscription is available only under the VIP category. In the OddStorm VIP category, the betting navigation feature is absent. It is difficult to place live arbitrage bets without Betting navigation.

The BetBurger daily Subscription is better than the Oddstorm daily subscription. Get the BetBurger daily Subscription.

BetBurger vs RebelBetting vs Oddstorm: Which is Cheaper?

Type of Arbitrage Bet1 week1 Month6 months
Prematch (BetBurger)€ 34.99€ 99.99€ 479.99
Prematch(RebelBeting)€ 39€ 129€ 581
Prematch (Oddstorm)€ 50€ 155€ 775
Live (BetBurger)€ 55.99€ 189.99€ 914.99
Live (RebelBeting)
Live (Oddstorm)€ 63€ 195€ 975
Prematch + Live (BetBurger)€ 73.49€ 239.99€ 1154.99
Prematch + Live (RebelBetting)
Prematch + Live (Oddstorm)€ 95€ 295€ 1475

RebelBetting has no live/in-play betting feature.

BetBurger is the cheapest professional arbitrage betting Software (green color).

RebelBetting is slightly expensive than Betburger by € 4

OddStorm is the most expensive professional arbitrage betting software. It is more expensive than the rest by over € 10.

OddStorm Features (Pros)

Pre-match Arbing.

As a result of OddStorm’s high refresh rates, the Pre-match arbs on OddStorm are unique.

The number of prematch arbs are plenty but not as many as in RebelBetting or BetBurger. The fewer arbs are because OddStorm is focused on soccer.

Live Arbitrage Betting

Live arbing is where OddStorm shines. The superfast bookmaker scanning capabilities (1-3 seconds) means you get in-play arbs before arbers using the other software.

Live arbitrage bets on Oddstorm are unique meaning chances of getting limited by bookmakers are limited.

Live arbitrage bets on OddStorm are available for longer since the software picks them up early. That means you get more time to place bets before the odds change.

Integrated Betting Calculator

The integrated betting calculator does everything you would expect from a betting calculator. You can round off bets and recalculations happen instantly.

Betting Navigator

The OddStorm Navigator is the most sophisticated betting Navigator in the industry.

It is designed to ensure the chances of Bookmakers tracking your arbing activity are nil (Chances of your betting account getting limited are nil).

Advantages of OddStorm Navigator:

Advanced Arbitrage BettingTypes

There are plenty of middles and polish middles on OddStorm. If you are an experienced arbitrage bettor you will enjoy this feature.

Training Material

OddStorm has a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to use the platform. More training material is also available on Arbitrageguides a tutorial site owned by Oddstorm.

All the information on arbitrage guides is not free. You have to pay to access everything

User Interface

It is better than the BetBurger user interface but not as good as the RebelBetting user interface. Related arbitrage bets are categorized together. However, once you select an arb the layout is a little confusing.

The layout is not a deal-breaker though. You will get used to it in no time.

IOS Support and Cross Compatibility

The OddStorm app is primarily a windows app. If you have an IOS/ mobile device you have to use the OddStorm web app.

This is better than in the case of RebelBetting where there is no web app for Arbitrage betting.

Note: The OddStorm web app is slower than the windows app. It also lacks OddStorm legendary navigation feature.

OddStorm Missing features (Cons)

Value Betting

That is not necessarily a bad thing.
Not having a value betting feature allows the OddStorm team to obsess on making their arbitrage betting service fast.

Betting Accounting System

OddStorm does not have a Betting Accounting System.

This is quite a shame. As a Pro, you need to monitor your bets to make the most out of mistakes you will make.

BetBurger has the Best Betting Accounting system.

A Walk Around:

The fact that OddStorm does not have a betting accounting system does not mean you should not use it. RebelBetting has an excel sheet template for recording arbitrage bets that anyone can download. 

Download the excel template and use it to record your arbitrage bets.

Account Freezing

OddStorm does not have an account freezing feature.

After all, you are a pro and pros don’t take days off. Right!


If you are into live arbitrage betting, OddStorm is worth looking into.

OddStorm Pros and cons Summary



BetBurger vs Oddstorm vs RebelBetting: Which is the Best for Professional Arbitrage Betting?

BetBurger is the best Overall professional Arbitrage Betting Software.

Rebelbetting is the best Pre-match betting professional arbitrage betting software.

OddStorm is the best soccer/ live professional arbitrage betting software.

PricingLowest PriceMid-range priceMost Expensive
Pre-Match Arbitrage BetsHigh Number of arbs.Sufficient Number of arbs.More than enough arbs.
Live Arbitrage BettingHigh Number of arbs.AbsentSufficient arbs.
Value BettingThe best of the three.Only Prematch.Absent.
Betting AccountingThe Best of all Arbitrage Betting Software.External. Uses an excel file.Absent.
Account Freezing7 - 28 days.Not AvailableNot Available.
Arbitrage Betting CalculatorPresentPresentPresent
Betting NavigatorPresentPresentOnly with a VIP plus subscription.
Speed or arb refresh and bet PlacementFastFasterFastest.
Advanced Arb TypePresentPresentPresent
User InterfaceNeeds ImprovementExcellentExcellent
DocumentationAdequate Documentation.Documentation present within the App.Adequate documentation.
Reputation8 years old11 years old.14 years old
Best ForOverall Professional Arbitrage Betting.Pre-match Professional Arbitrage Betting.Soccer/ Live Arbitrage Betting.
Get BetBurger Check Out RebelBetting Check Out Oddstorm

OddStorm Verdict

Biggest Complain: I wish OddStorm had some sort of betting accounting system. Manually logging bets is a massive waste of time.

Overall: It is hard to explain just how fast OddStorm works. Try it out and you will be amazed.

OddStorms raw speed makes it a must-have tool for any arber who is serious about live arbitrage betting.

The fact that OddStorm does not try to do too much is a plus, not a minus.

If you are a professional arbitrage bettor who wants to focus on prematch arbitrage betting use RebelBetting.

If you are a professional arbitrage bettor who wants to focus on Live Arbitrage betting or only Soccer arbitrage betting use Oddstorm. OddStorm is the fastest arbitrage betting software.

If you are a professional arbitrage bettor and you want the best overall arbitrage betting software. Use BetBurger. 











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