What is Online Academic Writing?

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The definition of online writing is right there in the word. It is basically any form of writing intended for online use. This definition can also be extended to stand for any type of writing where a writer and customer (Individual who wants something written for him) communicate and transact online. Online writing is divided … Read more

Academic Writing Course Overview

Online Writing Course Anyone who knows what I do for a living always asks me the same questions. Show me how to make money online? Is it hard to make money online? How do I get started? What do I need to get started? How much money will I actually make? Well, my intention with … Read more

An Introduction to Online Academic Writing

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Hitting Rock Bottom Recovering from alcohol addiction is a hard thing. Often one starts the recovery process only to relapse again.  So far there is only one body that has found a consistent formula to help alcoholics. You may have heard about them, they are called;  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Any alcoholic joining Alcoholic anonymous is … Read more