Where to get eBooks

PDF Drive.com

All sort of books are available for free on PDF drive.com


Niche books not found in PDF drive will be found on 4shared.com


Books published more than 100 years ago are available for free. 

Reason: Their copyrights have expired.

Use the @voicealoud Network library plugin to get access to such books.

You can also download them from archive.org.

I have obtained and listened to a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill using this technique.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle library contains millions of eBooks.

The price of the eBooks ranges from free to 9.99 dollars.

The problem is that purchased eBooks are encrypted and can only be read through the kindle app.

Downloads from torrent sites

I have added this option last because it is illegal in some regions.

For your own safety use a VPN when downloading torrent sites. The VPN I personally use is Express VPN.

By Downloading Torrents, you also fail to support your favorite authors.

But hey, if you can’t afford to buy books torrent them and support your favorite author once you have extra cash.


Removing Encryption from e-books purchased from Amazon Kindle :

*Epubor Ultimate is a freemium app. You may have to purchase it to use its full features.

Popular Torrent Sites:

Piratebay and its proxies.


You will find torrent files for most of the popular books on the above two websites.

Downloading Torrents [The Slow Way]:

*The default way to download torrents is to download the utorrent app

Downloading Torrents [The Fast Way]:

The problem with using the utorrent app is that it is super slow.

A faster way to download torrents is to first upload the torrent to a cloud storage provider.

The two popular cloud storage providers we well use are Seedr and filestream.