What Happens when You Work All day and All Night

Day 1 (First 8 hours): You are all pumped up and psyched. You are getting things done at a breakneck speed.  

Day 1 (Next 8 hours): Your energy level is starting to run low. At this point, you are just grinding through the task. 

Day 1 (Nighttime): You have no energy left. You can’t give up remember… unless you don’t want to be rich. At this point, you are just going through the motions.  

Day 2: You are tired because of working yourself to death on day 1. You sleep half of day 2 and watch a movie the other half.

Starting any task takes a lot of energy:

You have to grind through the initial resistance before you get in the zone.

Some point along the way I decided I was done starting and stopping. I sat down and came up with a schedule. From that day on things have never been the same again.