Tweaking Your Keyboard; The QWERTY Layout is Inefficient

The Origins of the QWERTY Keyboard:

A long time ago when typewriters were a thing there used to be a large variety of keyboard layouts. Each typewriter company had its own keyboard layout design.

Keys that were frequently pressed together had to be placed in separate positions. 

Reason: typewriters were manual machines.

Frequently pressed keys placed close together ended up getting jammed/ stuck.

Remington Typewriters:

Eliphalet Remington was the owner of one of the most popular typewriting companies. The typewriter used the QWERTY design developed by Christopher Latham Sholes.

The QWERTY layout made the Remington Keyboard robust since it did a good job of keeping frequently pressed keys as far apart as physically possible.

Through a combination of showmanship and gutsy salesmanship, he managed to dominate the Typewriter market.

Fast-forward to today!

Typewriters are long gone. In their place, we have laptops, PCs, and, smartphones.

The Problem with the QWERTY keyboard design: