Three Habits to Turn Your Body into a Well Oiled Machine

The habit of exercising every day.

Exercise has many benefits to the body. 

Trust me the benefits I just listed are the tip of the iceberg. There are over 100 benefits of exercising .

You don’t need to exercise every day to enjoy the benefits of exercise.

  • Exercise three times a week and you will start enjoying the benefits of regular exercise.

The habit of eating right.

The food you eat is the fuel that powers your body.

Feed your body the wrong kind of fuel and all sorts of things don’t work right.

Feed your body the right kind of fuel and it runs perfectly. 

What is the wrong fuel?

What is the right fuel?

There is a lot of controversy on what constitutes good food. 

The habit of meditating every day.

Meditation is an ancient practice of controlling the thoughts flowing into your mind.

There are two popular meditation training apps:

I personally use headspace but you can use any of the two.