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The Three sins


Plagiarism refers to copying work by other authors and passing it as your own.

A paper is plagiarized if you copy 3+ words from another writer without proper citation.

How to avoid plagiarism:

Always paraphrase. Write any material from researched work using your own words.

Use a plagiarism checker tools to smoke out any plagiarism in your paper.

Most academic writing companies have inbuilt plagiarism checkers 

Plagiarism Checker in an Academic Writing Account

If the academic writing company you are working for does not have an inhouse plagiarism checker check out Quetext.com Or just google plagiarism checker and try out the hundreds of available options. 

If you don’t have an Academic Writing Account. You need to enroll in our How to Open an Academic Account course ASAP.

Bad Grammar

Your client will not be suspended for writing a paper with bad grammar. He/ she will, however, get a bad grade. Trust me, when your customer fails an assignment, forget about getting additional work from her.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to avoid grammar mistakes.

In the proofreading step (step 6 below) we will discuss how to use Microsoft Word spelling & grammar checker together with the Grammarly app to avoid bad grammar.

Late order

Assignments come with deadlines. A client will lose marks on a late essay. In the worst-case scenario, the assignment will be rejected by the tutor.

Consequences of a late order (from bad to Worst):

Lesson: Avoid late orders at all cost.