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The Fate of Opened Accounts


I have made over 10,000 dollars writing on the Edusson account this past year.

I gave away this Account to Andrew  (The first guy who signed up for this course)

Research Writers Den:

Used it shortly and made over $5,000

I gave this Account to Florence  (Second person to Sign up for this course)

Proficient Writers:

Proficient Writers has not been a great success.

I have completed few orders here and that is just about it.

I still own it and I will give it away in a future giveaway.

Asian Writers:

Sold this account shortly after opening it. I was offered a price I could not refuse ($1500).

Once you have the skill to open accounts you too can make quick money opening and selling them.

Heck, there are guys in the Academic Writing Industry whose job is to exclusively open and sell accounts.