Task Deadline System: 4 Hours is All You Will Ever Need to Complete an Academic Writing Essay

Task Deadline System Supercharges Your Efficiency:

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A task adjusts to fill the time assigned to it – Parkinson’s law

Here is how I came to develop the Task Deadline System.

Every Monday morning, I would get urgent orders from clients. 

Such clients had partied all weekend and forgot about their assignments. 

It is now Monday and the deadline for the assignment is 3 hours.

I had no option so I attempted to complete the assignment anyway.

Later in the week:

Later in the week, a different client would assign me a similar essay.

This time around the paper would have a two-day deadline.

I expected to complete the essay in a few hours.

After all, that is what I did on Monday.

The task deadline system is a response to the question:

The principle behind the Task Deadline System: