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Staring at a Blank Page

The first thing to do before working on an order is to create a blank word document. 

To optimize your workflow, create two blank word documents. 

Name the first document ‘Draft’.

The draft document is where you will create an outline. 

The information collected in step 2 (Reading and Understanding Instructions) and step 3 (Research) will live in this draft document. 

More on how to create an outline in step 4.

Name the second document using the title of the paper.

For the example used in this document the title of the second document is ‘The VARK Analysis Paper’. 

The second document is where you write the clean draft of the paper (Step 5).

Having two documents makes completing the writing step easier. During the writing step (step 5) open the draft and the second document side by side. This saves you from having to scroll up and down as you type.

The above two document writing system is the author’s way of completing Academic Writing tasks.

Feel free to adapt it to suit your personality and circumstance.