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Quora Strategy: A True and Tried Way to Get Direct Clients

In the process of building out the blog, I had a flash of insight. Why not start my own Academic Writing Company.

The Quora strategy is step 1 to starting your Academic Writing Account.

Advantages of the Quora strategy:

What you will need to implement the Quora strategy:

The Quora Strategy Step by Step:


A ‘front-page’ marketing your Academic Writing Skills.

An ‘about us’ page telling potential clients more about you

A ‘Contacts’ page telling potential clients how to get in touch with you. This page should have your email. It is the primary way clients will get in touch with you. 


The Quora Strategy depends on ‘the game of numbers’ law. The more questions you answer the higher the number of potential clients you reach, the more direct clients you will eventually get.