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Let’s Write the Body Paragraphs

VARK Analysis Essay Body Paragraphs

Word Count:

Typical 5 Paragraph Essay Vs Others:

Q: A traditional 5 paragraph essay only has three body paragraphs. Our VARK Analysis paper on the other hand has 8 body paragraphs. Is this okay?

Paragraph Length:

Paragraph Grouping:

Body Paragraph Structure:

The structure of a body paragraph is the same in both a 5-paragraph and a non-5-paragraph essay.

Paragraph Structure:

Dissecting one of the body paragraphs:

We are going to dissect the third paragraph (2nd body Paragraph).


The results of the VARK questionnaire indicate a learning plan heavily dependent on tactile senses.

The most successful lessons were those accompanied by demonstrations and practical sessions. The preferred method of sharing information with others is action-oriented. To show directions; a map is utilized to reinforce information delivery.

Passive information acquisition styles such as reading were completely ineffective.