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Let’s do the Actual Research Using Our Example; “The VARK Analysis Paper”

To demonstrate how to do research we will continue with our example (The VARK Analysis Paper).

To effectively research the VARK analysis paper we will breakdown the essay into a set of smaller questions we need to answer.

The client says that his/her mode of learning is kinesthetic. What is the Kinesthetic mode of learning?

Go through the first 3 – 5 google search results and find the relevant definition.


The central theme in this paper is the VARK questionnaire learning strategies. We need to know more about the learning strategies in the VARK questionnaire.

Knowing more about the VARK Questionaire will help us answer:

Question 3: Compare the preferred and identified learning Strategy.


Question 4: Explain the effects of understanding learning strategies on teaching and learning.


There are three other learning categories: Visual, Aural, Read/write

Academic Writing Types of Learning

TIP: To successfully navigate the research phase you need to be creative.

Note how we had to find the learning categories from the questionnaire page before googling them.

Improvise! Improvise! Improvise!