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If You Need to Make Money Fast

If you are still here with me, that means you are serious about making money online. Keep up this determination and you will soon have more money than you know what to do with.

Bonus Files:

To help you out with your Journey;

I have created an excel file that will help you keep track of your Account Opening Applications. 

I have also created a file with templates on messages to send to get the documents needed to open an account. 

Bonus Account:

The account is Remotasks.

Remotasks is owned by Scalar AI.

Remotask has lots of work on data labeling. The labeled data is then used to train self-driving cars and other machine learning models.

Work on Remotask is available all year round. As such you can use Remotasks to supplement your income during Academic Writing low season.

Warning: You will earn less money from Remotasks compared to Academic Writing. That is why you eventually want to open your own academic writing account.