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How to Buy an Account

Buying an account is a risky undertaking.

Two primary Risks When Buying An Account:

You can minimize the risk of account closure by ensuring your writing skills are on point.

Our fundamentals of Academic Writing course will help you out with that

It is fairly common to buy an account only for the account owner to repossess the account and run away with your money.

Reducing the Risk of Getting Scammed When Buying An Account:

The owner of the account will transfer the account to the agent.

You then transfer the money to the agent.

Once you are satisfied with the account, the agent pays the account owner and transfers the account ownership to you.

Two one  agents I have used and can vouch for is the guy behind the Facebook groups below:

Buy/Sell Academic Writing Accounts

To get control of the Gmail account. Change the password and email recovery options.


Remember: If you change the password of the writing account without changing the password and recovery options of the Gmail account, the account seller will use the Gmail account to reset the password of the account.

Notice the risks associated with account buying are absent when you open an account