Frequently Asked Questions Academic Writing

There are hundreds of Academic Writing accounts. In this blog post, I list 127 Academic Writing accounts.

The difficulty is in opening an academic writing account. Take our course on how to open an Academic Writing Account.

The course will show you how to open an account. After completing the course, you will be earning money in a matter of weeks 

The amount of money you make depends on a wide variety of factors: 

  • How many pages are you able to write per day? The more the pages, the higher the income potential.
  • Are you able to write good academic papers? You have taken this course. Writing a good academic paper will not be a problem. You will attract lots of clients.
  • Which Academic Account do you have? Take our course on how to open an Academic Writing Account. It will equip you with what you need to open a high paying account.

In my two-year-old account, I have made an average of 300 dollars a month. In my most productive month, I have made 1000 dollars. Expect to make anywhere between 300 – 1000 dollars a month.

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Academic writing work is seasonal.

Work is plenty when schools are open (March, April, May, June) and (October, November, December).

There is no work when schools are closed (January February) and (July, August, September). More on the Academic writing season in this blog post.

Academic writing is your gateway to making money online. Once you master online writing you can start a blog just like this one.

Online writing will also provide you with capital to venture into things like Arbitrage betting and Forex Trading.

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More advantages of Academic Writing are listed in this blog post.

Like any other thing. Academic writing has its advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantage of academic writing is that you have to work late into the night.

Every once in awhile, you get an urgent order that has to be completed in a few hours. You have no choice but to stay up all night.

To find out how to deal with these disadvantages, check out our productivity pack course.

Academic Writing has faced several challenges in recent times.

The United Kingdom government banned Academic Writing Accounts from marketing near schools.

PayPal no longer allows Academic Writing accounts to pay writers via its platform.

The fundamentals are however still strong. More and more students in developed countries are going to colleges.

In the near future academic writing is an excellent way to make money.

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Cardinal sins refer to mistakes that an academic writer should never perform.
A writer who makes these mistakes risks losing his/ her account or paying a fine.

There are three cardinal sins:

  • Writing a paper with bad grammar and spelling. Proofread to avoid this sin.
  • Plagiarism. Copying whole sentences or paragraphs from published materials. Always paraphrase and cite material from published sources.
  • Not completing an order on time.

Apart from the two cardinal mistakes, most beginner writers make the mistake of writing long sentences & Using One Word Excessively.

Long sentences are complex. The complexity increases the incidence of mistakes.
Always write in simple short sentences.

Excessive use of one word. If you have used the word ‘good’ 20 times in one essay. Google synonyms to the word ‘good’ and use the synonyms instead.

Read and practice writing.

By reading you get exposed to the ideas and writing styles of others.

By practicing you form your own internal voice.

Writing essays on one topic is an income limiting move.

To maximize your income don’t be picky.

In the beginning, you will struggle writing on subjects you know nothing about. Over time the difficulty disappears.