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Davis’ Life Changing Direct Client Encounter

Finding a Direct Client Changed My Life:


My name is Davis and Maiyo is a great friend of mine.

I started my academic writing journey one and a half years ago.

The majority of writers start their journey by opening an academic writing account.

While there is no problem with taking the ‘opening an academic writing account’ there is an even better way.

As I was attempting to ‘open an academic writing account’ Maiyo told me about this Quora strategy he had come up with.

I had nothing to lose, so I decided, what the hell, let me try it out.

Using just the Quora strategy I have 22 direct clients and counting.

I also have a team of 6 writers to help me out with the large amounts of orders I get.

The cool thing about having direct clients is that I have total control over the price I charge my clients.

While most Academic Writing companies will pay you between $4 – $15 per page, my direct clients pay above $20 per page.

Some direct clients even pay me a flat fee of $50 per essay (most of these essays are 2 pages).

Whether you already have an Academic Writing Account or you are trying to open one, give the Quora strategy a try. After all, you have nothing to lose.