Creating Intext citations for

Now that you have added citations to the essay, it is time to create intext citations.

Where to Place Intext Citations:

  • Whenever you add a citation to the bottom of your essay under the reference section. You have to cite it within the body of the essay. This reference within the body of the essay referring to the citation at the end of the essay is the intext citation.
  • Intext citations are only placed in body paragraphs except when referencing a statistic in the introduction.
  • In a body paragraph, do not put intext citations in the first line (opening statement) or the last line (closing statement). Place the in-text citations in the lines between the first and the last (Supporting Statements)
  • Never place an in-text citation in the conclusion. The conclusion is a summary. There is no new material to cite here.
  • You are free to use one intext citation several times in different sentences.

Formatting In-text Citations

  • Intext citations are formatted differently depending on the formatting style of the paper.
  • In formats where the authors are listed, list only up to three authors.
  • If the authors are more than three, list one author followed by the term et al. et al. stands, in this case, stands for the rest.

Example (Urval et al, 2014)

Intext Citations For Our VARK Analysis Paper Example:

  • The formatting style of our paper is APA. The APA intext citation formatting style is the Author Year Format.
  • Intext Citation Example from the Essay: (Entwistle & Ramsden, 2015)
  • * Intext Citation for other formatting styles is discussed in the formatting step.