Audible on a Budget: Google Text To Speech (Google TTS) + Electronic Books (ebooks)

I have listened to 10+ books every month for the past year using this strategy. The total amount of money spent on books $0.

What you need:

A smartphone (preferably an android smartphone)

Google tts android app

@Voicealoud android app

ezPDF reader android app

setting up your audible on a budget:

Google Text To Speech Engine is the core of our setup. Google tts uses google technology to convert text from any source to speech. In our case, Google tts will be reading books to us.

@Voicealoud app and EZPDF reader are similar (more on why we need them both below). Both apps serve as a link between you the user and Google tts. Open the book you want to listen to using the app and you can control the reading speed, pitch, and volume.

@Voicealoud app is available for free. The free version has lots of ads. Pay $3 and the ads are removed for life.

EzPDF reader is a premium app. There is a free trial app that is available for free for 30 days.

Why do you need Ezpdf?

@Voicealoud works fine with normal-size books.

However, if you want to listen to a large reference book, @voicealoud cannot open it. That is when you need EzPDF.