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APA Formatting Style – Headings

Headings are important tools for organizing academic writing papers. In APA a heading is styled differently depending on the level of the heading.

A Level 1 Heading Is Centered, Bolded, And in Capital Case.

Level 1 headings are the highest-level headings.

They include:

A Level 2 Heading Is Left-Aligned, Bolded, And in Capital Case.

Level 2 headings are headings under level 1 headings.

Level 2 headings are important in long essays/ papers.

In a long paper:

A Level 3 Heading Is Left-Aligned, Bolded, Italicized, And in Capital Case.

Level three headings are rarely used.

When used it is usually in long research papers.

As you guessed it a level 3 heading is under a level 2 heading.