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Academic Writing Accounts FAQ

Anyone who has taken this course will successfully open at least one of the above 25 accounts.

The above 25 accounts have decent amounts of work. Once you open them you should start making money immediately.

Yes, some accounts are much easier to open. The catch is that most of these accounts have little work.

Popular Easy to Open Accounts:

1. QualityWriters

2. VIP Writers

3. Hawk Research

4. NerdyTurtlez

5. Writedome

6. Headwaywriters

7. 5writers.com

The complete list is available in our blog post; 127 Academic Writing Accounts, a Complete list

  • Attempt to open the rest of the accounts in the 127 Academic Writing Accounts only after attempting to open the normal difficulty accounts.

Seriously what about them. They are difficult to open so leave them for last.

Although difficult to open, they are the highest paying accounts. Open one of these and you are set.

Common difficult to open accounts:

1. Uvocorp Application is closed for most of the year.

2. Writerbay

3. Simple tense

4. Unemployed professor

The complete list of difficult to open accounts is available in our blog post 127 Academic Writing Accounts; a Complete list.

No. You can open any account if you put your mind to it.

There is however a category of accounts that are really really hard to open.

These really really hard to open accounts only accept writers from Native English-speaking countries (UK, Australia, Canada, US).

To open these accounts, you need documents of a person living in one of these countries.

You also need to change the IP address of your computer so that it looks like you are in one of the four Native English-speaking countries.

Some of the Accounts that only Accept Native English Speakers (ENL) (link):

1. TSM

2. ULtius ENL

3. Masterra