Important Academic Writing Terms Every Writer Should Know


Like any other Industry, Academic Writing has its own lingo/ terms. Understanding the Meaning of these words will allow you to communicate effectively with customers, editors, the support team, and fellow Academic writers. Below are the common academic writing Terms listed in alphabetical order. 1. Academic Writer An individual who helps students write essays/ answer questions … Read more

The Three Cardinal Sins Every Academic Writer Should Avoid

Academic Writinng Sins

Cardinal sins in academic writing are sins that will lead to the suspension of your client from school. 1. Plagiarism Plagiarism refers to copying work by other authors and passing it as your own. A paper is plagiarized if you copy 3+ words from another writer without proper citation. How to avoid plagiarism: Most academic … Read more

23 Advantages of Academic Writing: It is Not Just About the Money

Imagine signing to do multiple degrees at once. And Instead of paying thousands of dollars to the different colleges, you get paid.Well, what I have just described is academic writing in a nutshell. You will earn a relatively decent income completing academic writing orders. As a by-product, you will learn a lot across different academic … Read more

The Five Paragraph Essay; An Academic Writing Perspective

As an online academic writer, you will write a wide array of papers. These include: Reports Article critiques Financial statements Essays Of the above, essays are where you will spend most of your time. Understanding the basic structure of an essay is therefore of great importance. The typical essay will have five paragraphs. That is … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Professional Academic Writer

Professional Academic Writing

Say you want to build a home for yourself. Of course, you are not going to start by building the roof. Everything has to be done systematically. You first lay the foundation, then build the walls, then the roof, and then you finish up with furnishing.  To become a professional Academic Writer, you have to … Read more